[On Sale] MW Pono Light

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Designed by one and only @sourmk

"Light, cute, and sweet. Pono Light offers fresh custom legends, a small collection of Ponoji's, a Katakana base, international and 40's kits, not to mention plenty of accents and text novelties to cover your keycap and Pono needs."

- PBT Material
- Cherry Profile
- Sublimation
- Manufacturer: Milkyway Keys

- When to ship: 7 business days
- Shipping Express: Fedex, UPS, DHL, SF Express
- Shipping time: about 10 business days
- Shipping Area: China and other areas not covered by vendors

USA: spacecables
Canada: kanatakeys
EU: oblotzky
Middle East: sandkeys.me
CN: milkywaykeys

Kits: Katakana Base